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Unlimited Hosting

We've got that covered. Use our optimized servers to run your crowdfunding site.


Written using security best-practices. No third party apps to create vulnerabilities.

Extremely Fast

Written from scratch to optimize performance. You won’t find an app like this again.


We make best use of modern browsers for better structure and style.

Incredible Support

We’re here to help. We take pride in offering high-quality personal support.

Payment Gateways

Easily use PayPal, WePay, Stripe, Dwolla, and / or BitPay (bitcoin) to collect payments.

Different Ways to Raise

Keep it All and All or Nothing campaign types. Easily offer one, or both.

Write Custom Code

Add Javascript and fully customize your CSS. Easily use custom HTML in the Header & Footer.

Manage Everything

Our backend is unrivaled. It’s simple to create, customize, and manage your site.

Analytics & Stats

Easily link your site to Google Analytics, and see your site stats from your account dashboard.

Powerful Database

A scalable, high-performance mongoDB database keeps CrowdfundHQ running perfectly.

Customize It

Use your own logo, CSS, Header/Footer HTML, content, and emails to make your site unique.

Add Pages & Ads

Easily add your own pages and sell ad space on your site.

Custom Domain Names

Use your own domain name, or use a subdomain of CrowdfundHQ.

Non-Profits and Start-Ups

Fully branded sites to raise money for your start-up's product or your non-profit's projects.

Non-Monetary Commitments

Let people contribute their time or resources instead of just money.

The Best Crowdfunding Solution on the Market

CrowdfundHQ's support has been incredibly responsive and the feature set and functionality continue to grow. We didn't experience any bugs or system crashes despite receiving major traffic on our first campaign. I'm convinced that this is the best white label crowd funding solution on the market.

Michael Contardi avatar Michael Contardi, Sharespring

Everything I Wanted and More

CrowdfundHQ provided me with an awesome out-of-the-box crowdfunding site, and everything I needed to succeed. We just hit 2,500 users and $180 000 in contributions, and we're just getting started. Nothing out there compares to CrowdfundHQ!

Christian Shearer avatar Christian Shearer, WeTheTrees

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